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Bountiful Blooms

Fall Bulb Planting Class

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It’s Fall! Time for pumpkin spice, football games, hayrides, and our favorite: Fall planting! Join us for our exclusive fall bulb planting class at Loveland Garden Greenhouse in West Bountiful. Among the beautiful scenery, we will teach you what to plant so you have a spectacular spring. We have over 2,000 bulbs for you to choose from - all our favorite daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, crocus, and muscari. We will be using the bulb stacking method popular in Sweden that allows for concurrent bloom times, maximizing your spring display. Class includes 25 bulbs - five of each variety - a coconut coir pot, Loveland's proprietary soil blend, instructions, and answers to all of your spring planting questions from our horticulturists. And some exclusive discounts for additional unique bulbs! Grab a friend and join us!